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Memories of Childhood
by John Appleby


I logged on to the Newbiggin website on this rainy afternoon in Christchurch N.Z. and thought that perhaps I may have little anecdotes from an autobiography which may be of some interest. I was born in Melrose Terrace in 1921, and until the age of 7,when our family moved to Ashington, spent many happy hours roaming the then golden sands. I must say that it was a thrill to view your website.

John Appleby, by email 4th May 2003.

1: Earliest memories
2: Our back street

3: Neighbours and children's games
4: Life as a child
5: A walk through the village
6: Chapels, churches and shops
7: Off the train and onto the beach
8: The moor and the Needle's Eye
9: The funeral
10: Rescued from the wreck
11: Sandcastles
12: The fish auction
13: Spring and Easter
14: Household chores
15: Winter and Christmas
16: Turner's Sweet Shop

17: Sundays
18: The allotment
19: Summer entertainment
20: The Co-operative Wholesale Society
21: Groceries
22: Boots, shoes and horsedrawn carts
23: Starting school
24: A little brush with authority
25: The big strike
26: A traumatic year
27: The cinema, and the move

© 2003 John Appleby, New Zealand

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