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Friday 8th August 2014


Newbiggin Lifeboat Launches to Drifting Kayak
Newbiggin lifeboat was launched on service at around 10.45am today following reports from Humber coastguard of a drifting kayak in Newbiggin Bay and a possible missing person.
Newbiggin's Atlantic 85 lifeboat 'Richard Wake Burdon' with four volunteer crew on board was launched to commence a search of the area for the missing person and kayak. Shortly afterwards the kayaker was found to have swam to the nearby sea defences and was then assisted by Newbiggin coastguard.
Meanwhile Newbiggin lifeboat located the kayak and brought it safely ashore. The kayaker was no worse for his experience and has returned home.

Wednesday 23rd July 2014


Newbiggin Lifeboat early morning call out


Volunteers from Newbiggin lifeboat station were called out at 5.30am today following reports of a person threatening suicide in the Cresswell area.

Newbiggin's Atlantic 85 B class lifeboat 'Richard Wake Burdon' was launched minutes later with four crew on board and proceeded at full speed to the Cresswell area. Arriving on scene the lifeboat stood by to monitor the situation whilst officers from Northumbria Police along with Newbiggin Coastguard talked the male from the danger area. Once the male moved away from the water's edge he was assisted into a Police vehicle and all units were then stood down.
Sunday June 29 2014

Blyth Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) lifeboat assists a child in a kayak and recovers a person from the water at Blyth Beach.

Whilst already launched on joint training exercise with Newbiggin lifeboat the volunteer crew of Blyth lifeboat were alerted to a young kayaker who was having difficulty making it back to shore, shortly after 12pm Sunday June 29 2014.

The crew offered to take the kayaker and her kayak on-board the lifeboat and return her to shore, informed Humber Coastguard of the situation and proceeded to beach the stations D Class inshore lifeboat approximately half a mile south of Blyth’s west pier. 
Once on the beach the young girl and her kayak were met by other kayakers who alerted the crew to a male in difficulty in the surf who had been attempting to assist the young kayaker back to shore. The lifeboat was quickly re-launched from the beach and, between waves, proceeded to recover the person from the water who was by this time 30-40 meters off shore.

The inshore lifeboat was then manoeuvred through the on-coming surf, turned back towards the shore, and beached once again. The male, who turned out to be the father of the child appeared to have lost his footing in the under current running along the beach.

Once both persons were back on-shore the lifeboat headed back through the surf out to sea in order to continue its training exercise with Newbiggin lifeboat which had stood by throughout the incident in case any further assistance was required.

Blyth RNLI Deputy Launching Authority (DLA) Ron Hatcher said ‘it was good to see that during a training exercise, both lifeboat crews were able to work together, switch into rescue mode, and quickly and assist these people when it was needed‘.