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Newbiggin Lifeboat Newsletter - lifesaving since 1851


5th March 2010 Call out to Three Sisters Coble
Humber Coastguard were alerted by the crew of the Newbiggin fishing coble 'Three Sisters' that they had suffered engine failure about two mile east of the station and required assistance. The call came in shortly after noon and the lifeboat crew were soon on station ready to launch. Newbiggin's Atlantic 75 class lifeboat 'CSMA 75th Anniversary' was underway in a short time afterwards and headed east to rendezvous with the casualty. Once alongside it was clear a tow was needed and with the tow rope secure the slow journey back to Newbiggin began. After steady progress both vessels entered the bay then the lifeboat was recovered and taken back to the boathouse.


1st March 2010 - Search for missing angler.

Volunteers from Newbiggin RNLI Lifeboat Station were called from their beds in the early hours of today following a report of a missing sea angler south of the station.
The call was received from Humber Coastguard who had been alerted that there had been a report of an angler missing which resulted in a major search getting underway. Newbiggin's Atlantic 75 class lifeboat 'CSMA 75th Anniversary' was launched and underway with three volunteer crew on board at about 01:10 hours. When they arrived on scene a thorough search began using several search units including RNLI lifeboats from Newbiggin, Blyth and later Cullercoats, Blyth's Independent lifeboat 'Blyth Rescue', coastguards from Blyth, Newbiggin and later Tynemouth as well as an RAF Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer.
After almost two hours of searching in sub-zero conditions the missing person was located and airlifted by the helicopter to hospital.


Anglers Trapped on breakwater during rapidly rising tide
Volunteers had to make a quick launch to the nearby breakwater when a pair of sea anglers failed to notice the rapidly rising tide and became stranded.
The drama began late afternoon today (01.02.10) when two of our volunteers who were on station noticed the pair fishing off the breakwater oblivious to the rising tide. The pair made their way to the landward end of the breakwater before high water as the waves began to crash over the sea defence structure. Using their fishing rods to attempt to ascertain the depth of water it quickly became apparent to them that they were trapped and their safety may be compromised.
Thankfully ashore their plight was noticed and the rescue operation was at once put into operation. Minutes later Newbiggin's Atlantic 75 class lifeboat 'CSMA 75th Anniversary' was underway with three volunteer crew on board. They arrived at the breakwater within a minute and plucked the pair into the lifeboat for a short safe transfer back to the beach.

Volunteers from Newbiggin RNLI  Lifeboat Station were woken from their beds at 0212 hours today (01.02.10) following reports of a person on the nearby cliffs in a distressed state.

Police and Coastguard were on scene with the lifeboat asked to standby should its services be required. The crew and shore team quickly kitted up with the lifeboat brought out of the boathouse and onto the beach. The weather was bitterly cold and there was a thick covering of snow everywhere which accentuated the cold.

After about an hour the incident was closed and all the gear was returned to the boathouse with the volunteers back home before 04.00 hours.


SOS Day - 'Sizzle our Sausages' success
Volunteers at Newbiggin RNLI Lifeboat Station celebrated a fantastic SOS evening of fundraising tonight with over £400 raised during the 'Sizzling of the Sausages'.

The bitterly cold conditions did nothing to deter the crowds who turned out to support the winter's night event in our boathouse. The boathouse was decked out with stalls and dining tables for the event which were manned by the Newbiggin volunteers. Crewmember Gary Oliver took the lead organising the hot barbeque food, a particular favourite for all those wanting to get out of the cold. The Newbiggin Ladies Lifeboat Guild also provided an array of other stalls with hot drinks, raffles, tombola, gifts and souvenirs. Firemen from the local Fire Station also were on hand at the event to promote their free smoke alarm initiative in the community.

Lifeboat crewmember Gary Oliver who came up with the fundraising sizzle said' we have had a great night here despite the bitter cold. Everyone has enjoyed themselves and once again the dedicated Newbiggin fundraisers have done their best to support the RNLI SOS day raising over £400 in the process. Can I also add a big thank you to the many local shops and businesses who donated so generously the many items on the stalls'

SOS Day Friday 29th January 2010

Volunteers at Newbiggin Lifeboat Station are cooking up some hot barbecue delights as we celebrate and raise funds for SOS Day on Friday.
Newbiggin's approach to the event is aptly named 'Sizzle our Sausages' and a winter barbecue at the boathouse is hoped to entice our supporters to come on down and back this SOS event. Also in the boathouse the Ladies Guild will be organising hot drinks as well as locally baked cakes, tombola and souvenirs so come on down and give us your support.
Anyone can join in on RNLI SOS Day, when the lifeboat charity hopes to raise more than £500,000. There are already lots of events planned in the region, many of them taking their inspiration from the SOS acronym but anything goes as long as the people taking part have fun and raise some money for the RNLI.
Lifeboat crewmembers from Newbiggin RNLI Lifeboat have set about the task to organise this event and said 'we have had a great deal of support from our community and other lifeboat stations in our region so it promises to be a good night - after all it is not every night that you go to a barbecue in the winter and at the same time you are helping our lifesaving volunteers'.
The event gets underway at 6.00pm at the boathouse and there will be seats inside for you to enjoy your refreshments as well as look around the many displays in the boathouse area.


Sad News of Two Volunteers Passing Away
January 2010

Volunteers at Newbiggin Lifeboat Station received very sad news during the Christmas holidays when two members of our lifeboat ‘family’ passed away suddenly.

Marjorie Brown aged 75 years had worked tirelessly for Newbiggin Lifeboat Station and the Ladies Lifeboat Guild for over 24 years with 14 of those years as the Treasurer in the Ladies Guild. Marjorie was always at the many events which the Ladies run during the year to raise funds, taking an active role at whatever demands there was to make the event a success.
Marjorie also inspired her family to volunteer for the lifeboat also with daughters Viv and Val holding offices in the Ladies Guild and sister Joanne also coming along and helping. Marjorie’s son Jeff is another Brown involved with the station taking on the role as Helmsman since the 1990’s.

Henry Angus Rowe (Harry Rowe) also passed away suddenly over the Christmas period. Harry came from a family with a long active history of involvement with Newbiggin Lifeboat. His grandfather William Watson Brown served as Coxswain of the lifeboat from 1929 until 1945 and his Grandmother was one of the famous Women Lifeboat launchers who was recognised in the overland launch to the Eminent in 1940. Harry took an active role with the offshore lifeboats at Newbiggin and was Second Coxswain on ‘Mary Joicey’ until 1975 when he began fishing out of Blyth. Harry is recognised as launching his coble ‘Xmas Rose’ in July 1973 to a stricken yacht who had put out a distress call for help when a launching defect prevented the lifeboat from launching.
Harry leaves behind a devoted wife Doris and family members.
Two funeral services, one for Marjorie and one for Harry, were held on the same day with significant money from flowers and other donations from each service going to Newbiggin Lifeboat Station.  

6th January 2010

'Newbiggin Lifeboat volunteers were scrambled in horrendous blizzard weather tonight to stand by offshore during a shore incident at nearby cliffs.
The call for assistance came in at 1736hrs local and within minutes Newbiggin's Atlantic 75 class lifeboat 'CSMA 75th Anniversary' was launched on service with three crew on board. The lifeboat was on scene within minutes and stood by whilst other shore rescue units attended to the situation. Newbiggin was joined by Amble ALB who also stood by as a further support vessel. During that time at sea both lifeboats endured rough sea conditions, blizzards and extreme cold. After some two hours the lifeboats were stood down to return to their respective stations in the continuing blizzard conditions.
The lifeboat was then recovered, refuelled and washed down ready for service'.


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